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GRG technical knowledge

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"JC/T 799-2007 decorative drywall industry standard"was officially implemented on November 1,2007.The standard was issued by the national development and reform commission of the People's Republic of China.The industry standard is put forward by China building materials industry association,the henan building materials research and design institute co.,LTD.And China new building materials industry design and research institute hangzhou Wang Zhuomin,Xu Zhuqi,Roger drafting,building materials industry press published.
JC/T 799-2007 officially replaced the original JC/T 799-1988 industry standard and became the new industry standard of decorative drywall decoration and ceiling.
Fireproof performance-flame retardant performance up to grade A,according to gb8624-1997 standards.
Environmental performance-the limit of radionuclides reaches grade A,according to gb65666-2001 standard.
Moisture-proof properties-GRG materials are all inorganic materials,will not be mildew yellowing phenomenon.
Smooth surface,good decorative effect,advanced mold production and demoulding craft,make GRG finished product surface is bright and clean,high whiteness,no need to repair,and can and a variety of coatings and decorative material(wood,textile,etc.)good bonding,form an excellent decorative effect.
Convenient construction and low loss--all GRG products are prefabricated in the factory,no need for on-site secondary processing,and easy installation and construction with embedded parts hoisting

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