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Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge of EPS

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(1)the products of this system are provided with the test report issued by the testing department with metrological certification,and the product qualification certificate is attached.
(2)the component materials shall be implemented in accordance with article 7.0.7 of the national industrial standard JGJI44-2004(technical regulation for exterior wall insulation engineering),and shall not be put into use until qualified for acceptance.
(3)the system shall be carried out only after the quality acceptance of the exterior wall base is qualified,and the on-site construction conditions shall meet the requirements.
(4)the lines should be firmly bonded to the base,no looseness or empty drum,and the pasting area between the polystyrene board and the base wall shall not be less than 40%of the area of the polystyrene board.
(5)the adhesive and plaster mortar shall be mechanically stirred in the configuration,and materials beyond the operating time shall not be used.
(6)the mesh cloth shall be tightly pressed,and shall not be free,wrinkled,warped,exposed,etc.,and the length of the overturning and overlaying shall conform to relevant regulations.
(7)the surface mortar and EPS lines should be firmly bonded,without delamination and empty drum phenomenon,and without defects such as ash exposure and cracks.

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