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GRP technical knowledge

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GRP production methods are basically divided into two categories,namely wet contact and dry compression molding.For example,according to the characteristics of the process,there are hand paste molding,lamination molding,RTM method,extrusion rafting,molding,winding molding and so on.Hand paste molding also includes hand paste method,bag pressure method,injection method,wet paste low pressure method and non-mold hand paste method.
At present,the world's most used molding methods have the following four.
Parliamentary spray:mainly used in Sweden,the United States,Norway,etc.
Germany and so on.
Biochemical RTM method(resin transfer molding):mainly used in Europe,America and Japan.
There are also:fiber winding,extrusion and hot-pressure irrigation.
From the perspective of countries around the world,the hand paste law still accounts for a considerable proportion,which indicates that it is still alive.The feature of hand paste method is that it is formed with wet resin,the equipment is simple,the cost is small,and the whole product above 10m can be pasted at one time.With the development of FRP industry,new technology and methods will appear continuously.

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