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External wall insulation/paint

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外墙保温/涂料External wall insulation/paintThermal insulation materials refer to a kind of thermal insulation materials used for building walls, which can be divided into: external wall insulation materials, internal wall insulation materials, roof insulation materials. According to the internal components of thermal insulation materials can be divided into: inorganic thermal insulation materials and organic thermal insulation materials.

The technology of exterior wall insulation originated from Europe at the earliest. China began to pilot it in the mid-1980s and widely applied it to the construction field. However, the current building energy saving level is far lower than that of developed countries, and the energy consumption per unit area of building in China is still 3-5 times that of developed countries with similar climate. So building energy conservation is an important task of our country's construction industry in this century. In recent years, with the deepening of the housing construction energy conservation work in our country, and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency standards, introduced the developed many new energy saving technologies and materials, vigorously promote the use in residential construction. Among them, various kinds of foam plastic insulation materials used in exterior wall insulation, such as EPS board, XPS board and foamed polyurethane board, have excellent comprehensive performance and are remarkable.

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