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Using natural minerals as the basic raw material
The color of cave stone is natural and random, rich in texture and clear in structure. The decoration of buildings is rich in history and culture, and is widely used in many countries around the world. The imitation hole stone component adopts imported high strength silica #525 white cement, high purity quartz sand, and other additives, and uses advanced production technology.……
Colour GRC
The material of designer's imagination is expressed through shape, texture, texture and color.
Color GRC, that is, the GRC with the face. It has become the mainstream GRC product in Europe and America. The color decorative surface is finished by adding pigment, color aggregate and specific manufacturing process in the GRC batching. It is a material that expresses the designer's imagination through shape, texture, texture and color.
Glass fiber reinforced cement composite
GRC is the abbreviation of glass fiber reinforced cement composite. It is derived from European and American technology. It is used to mix anti alkali glass fiber, cement, sand and other composite materials according to a certain proportion.……
PC component / Clean board
Concrete prefabricated component
Compared with the traditional field model, the mould in the factory can be recycled, the cost is lower, the demand of mechanized production is less. With the increase of labor cost, the cost advantage of the prefabricated parts in large-scale production will be more obvious.……
Glass fiber reinforced plaster molding
GRG is a glass fiber reinforced plasterboard. It is a special modified fiber plaster decoration material. The randomness of the molding makes it the first choice for the individualized architect. Its unique form of material is sufficient to resist the damage, deformation and cracking caused by the external environment.
High intensity flame-retardant polystyrene as core bone
The EPS decoration component is made of high strength flame retardant polystyrene as core body, external grid cloth and polymer anti cracking mortar. It is a decorative component used for building facade modeling. This decorative piece has been rapidly promoted and used in recent years.……
GRP/ Sculpture
Stereoscopic art as the carrier of plastic art
Reinforced plastics reinforced with fiberglass or its products, called fiberglass reinforced plastics, or fiberglass reinforced plastics, are different from toughened glass……
Parapet / Railing
The main ingredients are other minerals, such as cement, fiber, etc.
The wood grain fiber cement board is also called the laminate plate, a kind of fiber cement board with high temperature and high pressure steaming. The main component of the board is the other minerals, such as cement, fiber and so on.……
Exterior wall insulation / Coating
A kind of thermal insulation material used in building walls
According to the use position, it can be divided into exterior wall insulation material, inner wall insulation material and roof insulation material. According to the internal components of thermal insulation material, it can be divided into inorganic insulation material and organic thermal insulation material.……


Our company is a diversified company, such as scientific research, design and production, GRC, GRH, EPS, GRG, European, Italian, French, imitation sandstone, imitating cave, imitation wood grain, imitation granite, sculpture, curtain wall hanging board, Tibetan component and so on


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