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Application case

Confidence Egret Lake Palace

Case description
Investment of about 30000000 yuan, creative use of the advantage of the river to create a magnificent water conservancy project, 5.3 kilometers upstream of the river bank of Jiang'an River, 60000 square meters of living water lakes and 5000 meters in the inner river, forming a 360 degree of hydrophilic ecological layout. In the community, the natural living water of Jiang'an river is introduced, the private inner river section of the family view is formed, and the extreme of the living water is achieved, and the 24 hour living water flow system of the water system is guaranteed. 60000 square meters of herd lake fish play, egrets idle, natural and quiet, has become the Jiang'an River egret ecological protection of the habitat of the Central Lake area.
The country is located in the core of Chengdu - Qingchengshan - Dujiangyan tourism Golden Triangle, with theme tourism and ecological residential area as the main format. It is located at the starting point of the rapid corridor of the Cheng Qing tourism, Guanghua Avenue, the three line of the warm Qiongqiong Expressway and the Furong Avenue.
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