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Universal center bell tower

Case description
The new century global center is a major project to create a modern field city in Sichuan and Chengdu. The main building is designed with the "flowing melody" as the world's largest single architecture.
Chengdu new century global center is located in the north section of the Tianfu Avenue, No. 1700, Chengdu hi-tech south area. It is close to the road side of the highway and is located in the core area of the south development of Chengdu city center. The new century global center covers an area of about 1300 mu with a total building area of about 1 million 760 thousand square meters. The main plane size is about 500 meters by 400 meters and the main body is about 100 meters. It is a multi-function collection of entertainment, exhibition, commerce, media, shopping and hotel in the central recreation area and the four weeks Hotel, business, office and other parts. Architecture. After completion, it will become a paradise for entertainment, shopping, leisure and food in Chengdu.
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