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Application case

Wanke five Longshan (imitation cave)

Case description
Five Longshan Park, located in the 198 region of northeast Chengdu, belongs to the Longquan mountains, is the point of the northern New Town, the mountain of the Chengdu main city, the whole community is built on the mountain, the height of 80 meters, 100 thousand square meters of the lake area, the mountain surface water, and the degree of preservation of the primary forests of the five Longshan mountains, is the mountain, water and forest near the city. Villa. After the opening of the fifth phase of Shulong Road, the distance between the project and the commercial circle of the construction road is only more than ten kilometers.
In 2011, as the first hundreds of billions of real estate companies, Wanke real estate followed the top villa of Wanke seventeen miles, Tian Qin Wan and Wanke fifth Park, and the core area of the five Longshan Park in the urban ecological green belt brought the largest scale in the history of Wanke and the first TOP item in the southwest, Wanke five Longshan, and the whole community was on the mountain. Construction, the maximum height difference reached 80 meters, with 120 thousand square meters of Lake area, mountain surface water, beautiful scenery, and the greatest degree of preservation of the five Longshan primary forest, is the nearest city to enjoy mountain, water, forest mountain villa.
The linear distance between the project and Jianshe Road business circle is only 11 kilometers, perfect to achieve a prosperous, peaceful and comfortable life. The city class supporting community, the world class Park community, the four major theme parks, the Chengdu foreign language school, and the nearly three hundred thousand square meters of two business groups, covering all the world famous merchants and no families can enjoy both High-end catering, entertainment and leisure, quality education and other mature business supporting urban centers and lifestyle.
Chengdu has been waiting for this mountain in the past 11 years. Hundreds of millions of families operate the first TOP level city's high-end villa market in the inland area.
Five Longshan Park, located in the 198 area of northeast Chengdu, covers an area of more than 6100 Mu and is about 80 meters above sea level. It belongs to the Longquan mountains. It is the highest point in the northern New Town and the largest mountain in Chengdu. In 2011, as the first hundreds of billions of real estate companies, Vanke's 198 core area in the north of fortune brought the largest and most high end project in the history of Wanke, Wanke five Longshan, which was planned in the five Longshan Park of 6100 mu, and in Chengdu for 11 years, Vanke finally found this kind of high quality resources, and had the opportunity to give Chengdu even the opportunity. The southwest region shows the TOP products of Vanke.
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