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Pauli Lafayette estate is the flagship central enterprise Poly Real Estate in 2010 to build a national top golf pure villa project. Golf Villas expert Poly Real estate development experience of 18 years Golf Villa, with 3000 acres of extensive scale, to create 385 golf first line fairway pure single villa. The Pauli Lafayette estate refreshes the history of high-end villas with unmatched standards. It is proud of Chengdu's achievements and even the rare Golf Villas exclusive villas in the whole country.
The Pauli Lafayette estate is located near the Third Ring Road in Chengdu. The government is committed to planning the 198 core ecological region. It is close to the North Lake Scenic Area and the famous panda base. Inviting the world's top American Dorian architecture planning and design company, the American SWA landscape design company and the Schmitt Cory golf design company with international planning, design standards and ideas, he writes the overall design of the paulayan manor project.
The whole plan is based on the famous American Black Hawk villa, reducing the slope land and the shallow geomorphology. The 385 pure European architecture style mansion is zonal distribution and inlaid in the 18 hole and 72 golf course of the 3000 mu international championships. The first golf fairs and 600 private gardens are only the most basic ones in Rafael estate.
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