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The Sino British Federation is one of the hottest selling items in the Chengdu property market. It stands in the new Sichuan plate at the core of the Tianfu new area, with a super volume of over million square meters. It combines the modern metropolis feeling with the English theme culture, and redefines and redefines the connotation of the human settlement in a more international field of vision. There are many super power engine level functional areas around the project. The location and nature of the land block decide that it will surpass ordinary residential and commercial functions, so as to assume the mission of displaying the city's character and promoting the city brand. In the architectural style, it created the unique style of British Academy in Chengdu. This is the creative creation of the developer.
The Sino German federal program is located in the middle section of the Tianfu Avenue in the south of the international city. It is located in the core area of the high-tech Consulate Area. It is located in the 5 square kilometer western financial center - the Financial City, and the East is planned to be 10 square kilometers of garden style new Sichuan innovation and technology park. Tianfu Avenue, Red Star Road South extension line from the project. The total area of the project master plan is about 360 mu, with a total construction area of about 1 million 280 thousand square meters. It is the premier super market in the international city south. The project, based on the classical style of English culture and life, will be carefully built into a high-end international community, including housing, senior club, theme business, bilingual kindergarten and so on.
The architectural design of China and Germany is a beautiful English style, which includes residential, senior club, theme commercial street, bilingual international primary and secondary school, kindergarten, hospital and so on. It is the most comprehensive and comprehensive project in the south of the city. In the image, the garden, the building material, the decoration quality, the detail handling and so on, the quality of the mansion in Chengdu is equal or even surpass, for the young talented people to create the luxury and luxuriant but elegant and elegant city life.
In order to realize 55% greening rate, reduce the density of buildings and use super high rise building in order to realize the greening rate of the project, the project can effectively solve the problem of high view. The design of this project is rational, emphasizing practicality, comfort and privacy. Apartment range of 60 - 120 square meters, in addition to 70 - 90 square meters of dream change main unit outside the main unit, more than 60 square meters of delicate residence Huxing, 90 - 120 square meter luxury view unit, the average rate of more than 40%. Special design of the first floor private garden, 270 degree octagonal luxury view bedroom, the top dream creative attic, and the community of hundreds of thousands of square meters of English landscaping.
The layout of the community is reasonable, the diversion of people and vehicles, the display of humane care, the three luxury luxury hall, the noble luxury. About 6000 square meters high level business club and 8000 square meter theme club set up for the owners of the community, including the landscape swimming pool, the constant temperature swimming pool, the British afternoon tea, the leisure sports center, the children Kingdom and the coffee house. Education: the introduction of international bilingual bilingual kindergarten, internationally renowned primary and secondary education resources, with more than 30% of the foreign teachers.
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