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Qingyang green boat is located in the Qingyang green boat project of Qingyang District of Chengdu city. It is the demonstration project of "198" regional construction in the suburb of Chengdu central city. It is also the industrial development engine of the "198" area of Qingyang. In 2008, it was listed as the major industrial project of Chengdu. The project covers an area of about 658 mu, mainly distributed among the big theme parks in Qingyang. It aims to build a creative and intensive economic cluster which integrates the classic works of the world's architectural design elite. It integrates environmental protection, ecology, art and intelligence in one. The rare natural landscape combines modern commerce with the trend of globalization. . To provide enterprises with respect for personality, match strength, reflect the image, highlight the temperament of the high-end headquarters office space.
The project is located in the south of Qingshui River, north of Jiang'an River, on both sides of the high-speed around the city, and in the "198" green area in the west of Qingyang District. Riyue Avenue, Guanghua Avenue and Circum-City Expressway are the three main roads running through which the two main stations of Metro Line 4 (planned) are located. The project traffic is convenient and smooth, about 12 km from Tianfu Square, only 3 km from the Third Ring Road, and about 20 minutes to Shuangliu Airport. The projects share the historical and cultural relics such as Jinsha site, Qingyang Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage and Huaxi Park in Qingyang District, and have a strong cultural color. The surrounding area has gathered Chengfei company and Qingyang industrial concentrated development zone, closely adjacent to hi-tech west area, and the effect of industrial integration is highlighted.
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