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Application case

Dazhou Culture Museum

Case description

Dazhou Museum of Culture (formerly Daxian Regional Cultural Museum) was established in December 1978, directly under the leadership of the Regional Bureau of Culture and Education. On December 5, 1980, the capital construction of the Pavilion began and was completed by the end of 1981. 13 counties (city and district) culture hall of the county, Xuanhan, Kaijiang, Wanyuan, Quxian County, Baisha workers and peasants, Tongjiang, Nanjiang, Bazhong, Pingchang, Dazhu, neighborhood water and Daxian city. In December 1987, with the consent of Daxian District Editorial Committee, it was renamed "Mass Art Museum of Daxian District, Sichuan Province". In November 1992, the provincial Department of Culture assessed the level of reaching the standard as the third-class Museum of Mass Art.

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