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Greenland St. Louis mansion is located in the southwest of Chengdu, between the three ring road and the Beltway expressway, and the west side of Wuhou Road, located in the core area of the new Shuang Nan area. The surrounding areas include Wuhou Avenue, double Avenue, airport expressway and other fast passages, which are close to the metro line three, which runs through the core area of the city's CBD. The surrounding life is mature and equipped with large supporting facilities such as Qian Sheng Department store, Carrefour, trust future square, Shishi foreign language school, Golden Apple kindergarten, etc. With the great efforts made by the Wuhou District government to the new town of Wuhou City, the regional value, matching and living quality of the plate will be greatly improved, and the potential for future development is unlimited. Green land, St. Louis's name is 120 mu, and the volume rate is only 2.8. It is located as a low density city garden area of French style. Relying on the rich experience of the green group for years to develop the noble residential area of the city, it is committed to creating a landmark project of the new double Nan. The project is composed of two plots in the north and the south, using the short plate and small enclosure layout of the style and small town style, each household facing the scene, introducing the Mediterranean plants, the Le Nortel courtyard, the Baroque fountain and other French themes into the garden design, supplemented by the French style sculptures, and restore the pure and pure romantic garden landscape. The architectural design follows the Art-Deco style of a hundred years of sea style architecture, adopting a mature, simple French facade, the magnificent atmosphere, the elegance and the elegance, and the elegant style of the life of the sea.

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