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Ziwei villa is located in the Luan town of Changan District, which is beautiful and scenic in Xi'an. It lies on the northern foothills of the luxuriant Qinling Mountains. The green vegetation covers the whole mountain village, and the natural stream of streams runs through the north and south of the mountain village.
There are three tourist attractions in the East (zoo, botanical garden, botanical garden, Expo Garden) and Cui Huashan. There are leisure tourist attractions such as high crowned waterfall and Asian Golf Course in the West; 210 National Road (Xi Wan highway) on the West; north side is the northern foot of Qinling Mountains tourist Road, which has beautiful natural environment and convenient traffic. Crape myrtle villa covers an area of 1075 mu, with a total construction area of 150 thousand square meters, with a floor area ratio of 0.22.
The first phase of the Ziwei Villa Hotel area is to communicate with the love of water. The waters of Ziwei lake, waterfall, and about 20 thousand square meters of water in Sichuan and small Penglai run through five star hotels, conference centers, entertainment centers, villas and commercial villas. The two period is all independent villas, and the products have been completely new from planning, quality and supporting services. Upgrade. The environmental planning aims to preserve the original mountain, natural vegetation and Millennium ancient trees, make full use of the existing natural resources. The single building is attached to the mountain, and the villas are arranged in a free and flexible way to bypass the existing trees and interspersed. The trees between the villa groups are divided into green belts. The landscape and the natural environment permeate each other, and are born in Qinling Mountains to make the building and the mountains and forests deep in one, and create a modern manor.
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