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Chengdu huhuaxi park is the core area of the historical and cultural scenic area of the huhuaxi. It is located between the first ring road and the two ring road in the south of Chengdu, the Du Fu Thatched Cottage in the north and the Sichuan Museum in the east of Chengdu. It covers an area of 32.32 hectares, and the total investment is 120 million yuan. It was completed in 2003. With the historical and cultural connotation of Du Fu Thatched Cottage as the background, Huaxi Park, using the advanced theories of modern gardens and architectural design, combines the natural landscape with the urban landscape, the classical garden and the modern architectural art, the folk space and the atmosphere of the times, and the natural and elegant landscape and construction to show the rich historical background of the culture of Western Sichuan. It is a city park that combines natural landscape with urban landscape, classical gardens and modern architectural art.
The garden is mingled with landscape, and the flowers and trees are green and cloudy. It is made up of three scenic spots of Wan Shushan, Canglang lake and Egret Island. The two rivers of the Huaxi and the dry river pass through the garden. It is the largest and most investment open city Forest Park in Chengdu so far. The image deducts Du Fu's poetic charm. He was selected as the only five star park in Chengdu.
Huan Hua brook is famous for its poet Du Fu. The Huan Hua brook in Du Fu has become a masterpiece of the past. "Two yellow orioles sing green willows, and a row of egrets on the sky. The window contains the snow and the autumn, and the ship of the Wun Wanli. "The song of the hut for the autumn wind" is written here. Apart from the subtle and graceful scenery, the background of the coohua Creek is a long culture. The interpretation of it is a beautiful poem, the Mao Lu, the brook, the bamboo forest, the pavilions, the bridges, the pebbles, and the writing of the coohua Creek at that time. Du Fu's Maolu is often set off three heavy, rainy night, and it can not sleep well, only to repair the work of the Maolu, so "ande Guangxi million, the great shelter in the world's face" must be the cry from the heart of Du Fu.
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