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Application case

Paradise Lodge

Case description
Lhasa Saint paradise intercontinental hotel is located in Lhasa City Guan District Jiangsu Avenue, near the Lhasa municipal government, near the Lhasa River, to about 7 Potala Palace, to about 9 kilometers to the main city of Lhasa.
It is perfectly integrated into the holy scenery of the snow covered plateau, which is a wonderful interpretation of other customs in Tibet. The design of the hotel is extremely tension, the unique architectural style makes it the new landmark of Lhasa, with a total area of about 220 thousand square meters, which also shows the extraordinary taste of the hotel.
The guest room is luxurious and comfortable, spacious and bright, facilities and equipment, more high quality bed, in the room can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lhasa plateau Valley and the towering of the Himalaya mountains.
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