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Application case

dead sea of china

Case description
Dead Sea, China, is a lake in Daying County, Sichuan province. It is located in the new city zone of Daying County, Suining, Sichuan Province, with a total area of more than 1000 mu. It is a AAAA scenic spot. It is a comprehensive tourist resort with health, novelty, fashion and interest. Because people can float in the water without sinking like Dead Sea, it is called "Dead Sea of China".
"China Dead Sea" is a great innovation in the tourism industry of traditional Chinese culture, traditional technology and ancient resources. "China Dead Sea" is a new tourism product, which is a new tourism product which combines traditional and modern, ancient and fashion, resources and science and technology by using the traditional Zhuo tube culture, salt brine culture and ancient and unique well salt resources, through the use of modern scientific and technological means and elements of fashion tourism. .
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