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Chongqing Lai Fu square "the image of" the image of the name "sunny sail", located in the two rivers flow of Chaotianmen, by the world famous master Mose saffdi designed by the Singapore Kade group investment, total investment over 24 billion yuan, the total building area of more than 1 million 100 thousand square meters, is Singapore's largest investment project in China, will be 201 For 9 years, it is put into use in stages.
The project is composed of 8 long towers and a 5 storey commercial podium. It is a city complex of residential, office buildings, shopping malls, service apartments, hotels and catering clubs. It integrates various public transport facilities, including underground parking lots, subway stations, transit stations, docks and tourist centers.
Chongqing Raffles Square is located between Chaotianmen Square and Jiefang Stele in the core area of Chongqing, known by the world
Mose saf, the famous master of architecture, took the charge. The tower was designed for a thousand years of shipping culture in Chongqing. It was a strong sail on the river with a height of 350 and 250 meters, respectively. The crystal corridor bridge, which symbolizes the "ladder" of Chongqing, is 400 meters long. It connects 4 towers to each other. It sets up the comfortable and spacious public space such as the hotel, the shopping and the leisure center in the 60 storey and 250 meters high air. In the night, it is like a bright glazed ribbon in the sunny waters. The green planting garden extends from the top of the podium to the tower and is covered with buildings to the north. It becomes a landmark three-dimensional green wall in Yuzhong Peninsula.
Chongqing Raffles Square also combines parking lots, subway station bus interchanges and cruise centers. The design also includes public parks and gardens for the benefit of the local community. In addition, the design of Raffles Plaza in Chongqing will also build a "green house" in the 60 storeys.
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