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Product introduction


   The new GRC is a derivative innovation product and upgrading version of GRC. The new GRC is an abbreviation of Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete in English. Its Chinese name is Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete.
  The new GRC is a composite material composed of high strength alkali resistant glass fiber, high strength quartz sand, high strength cement and various materials and additives.
  The new GRC material greatly increases the flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and reduces the weight of cement products. New GRC products bending strength can reach 25 mpa, impact strength reached 10 to 25 kj/m2, these characteristics 

characteristics make the new GRC and precast concrete and other cement products has very obvious advantages compared, especially when need to thin wall type of material, the advantage of its bending and impact strength will be more obvious. Widely used in curtain wall, roof, indoor and outdoor decorative panels, especially to achieve excellent performance of artistic modeling.