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Product advantage

The relative density is between 1.5 and 2.0, only 1/4~1/5 of the carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to, even more than, the carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with the advanced alloy steel. As a result, it has worked well in aviation, rockets, space vehicles, high pressure vessels, and other applications that require less self-weight. The tensile, flexural and compressive strength of some epoxy FRP can reach over 400Mpa.

Light weight, high strength

Corrosion resistant

Good electrical

FRP is a good corrosion resistant material and has good resistance to acids, alkali, salt and various oils and solvents in the atmosphere, water and general concentration. It has been applied to various aspects of chemical anticorrosion and is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metal and so on.

It is a good insulating material used to make insulators. Good dielectric properties are still protected at high frequencies. Microwave transmission is good and has been widely used in radar radome.

FRP has a low thermal conductivity, ranging from 1.25 kJ/ (m·h·K) to 1.67kJ/ (m·h·K) at room temperature, only 1/100~1/1000 of metal, and is an excellent thermal insulation material. Under the condition of the instantaneous ultra high temperature, is the ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, can protect the spacecraft at above 2000 ℃ under high-speed air flow.

Good thermal performance

(1) various structural products can be designed flexibly according to the needs to meet the use requirements, which can make the products have good integrity.

(2) can fully material selection to meet product performance, such as: you can design a decay resistance, resistance to instantaneous high temperature, products of a certain direction has the special high strength, good dielectric properties, and so on.

Good designability


(1) the forming process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product.

(2) the process is simple, it can be shaped once, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for the products with complex shape and small quantity that are not easy to be shaped, and its process advantages are highlighted

Good technology