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Product advantage

(1) light quality, the aggregate of EPS line is polystyrene, and the finished product weight is about 1/6 of that of GRC decorative line. One person can move and construct at will. And fire, waterproof, mothproof, mildew - proof, crack - proof. The construction is convenient and simple, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials, it is a kind of green new decorative materials.

(2) the main products are carved flowers, window cover line, waist line, door cover line, cornice line, beam support, Roman column, door decoration, decorative components and other products, and can be customized by drawings.

(3) paste firmly. EPS decorative thread is mainly with polymer mortar bond with metope, polymer mortar is to add organic glue to cement mortar mixing inorganic material, long service life, the binding is firm, and has been the national standards and specifications, and in a large number of engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable, thus avoided by using bolt fixed way construction and anchor bolt corrosion hidden trouble, also solved the exterior insulation of cold and hot bridge problem.

(4) easy installation, with special adhesive materials and methods, one person can install the construction.

(5) there is no gap between the lines. EPS decorative lines use the same gap filling materials as wall adhesion, and all gaps disappear, and there will be no cracks in future use.

(6) environmental protection: chemical fiber is used as raw material to meet the national standard of non-toxic and harmless green products for project decoration.