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Product advantage

1. The product is light, wood-like, and weighs only 1/15 of the weight of the brick wall of the same thickness and 1/10 of the masonry wall, which is conducive to the seismic resistance of the structure and can effectively reduce the cost of the foundation and the main structure.


2. Good fireproofing performance. The wood-like components themselves do not burn, and a large amount of heat will be absorbed in the process of burning in case of fire.

Imitation wood grain

3. The decoration function is good. The surface of wood-grain members is uneven, and the pattern is three-dimensional and beautiful. Seamless surface is formed between the board and the board through joint processing, and the surface can be directly decorated.


4. Good constructibility, random cutting and piercing, very convenient construction, it can be used as decoration, and traditional wet method and dry hanging operation can be adopted to greatly improve the construction efficiency.

5. Green environmental protection, imitation wood grain components using natural Portland cement and plant fiber as raw materials, production process does not use glue release harmful gases, such as material, not contain harmful to human body of asbestos (most of the calcium silicate board adopt asbestos sheet as the reinforced material).

1. The veracity of the stone railing is very high, and there is no obvious difference between the real stone material and the real stone material. The appearance, color and texture of stone balustrade all have the affinity of nature

2. High strength and long service life, the applied strength can reach up to 160MPa according to the design and construction requirements, and the bending strength has reached 30MPa.

3. The modeling of stone railings is more abundant. Imitation stone balustrades can be designed in various styles

Imitation stone railings