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Product advantage

1. Infinite plasticity:

As the product is converted into the production drawing according to the engineering project drawings, the mould is made first and the production method of fluid precasting is made, so it can be made into any shape. Due to people's requirements for architectural aesthetic art, designers have carried out imaginative and innovative design, which is hard to achieve without corresponding architectural decorative materials. The plasticity of GRG products in any shape realizes seamless connection of products for architectural modeling, and is the perfect realization of designers' design dreams. The quality that the product USES 200 years is cast its art eternity more.

2. Breathable, naturally adjust indoor humidity:

GRG plate is a kind of sheet material with a large number of microholes. In the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release water. When the indoor temperature is high and the humidity is low, the sheet gradually releases the moisture in the microhole. When the temperature is low and humidity is high, it absorbs moisture from the air. This release and respiration form the "breathing" effect. This cycle of moisture absorption and moisture release plays a role in regulating the relative temperature of the indoor environment, creating a comfortable microclimate for the working and living environment.

3. Light quality and high strength:

The standard thickness of the planar part of GRG product is 3.2 to 8.8MM (it can be thickened according to special requirements), and the weight per square meter is only 4.9 to 9.8KG, which can reduce the weight of the main building and the load of components. GRG products are of high strength, with a fracture load greater than 1200N, which is 10 times higher than that of international JC/ t799-1998 (1996) decorative gypsum board (118N).

4. Good acoustical effect:

The test results showed that: 4MM thick GRG material passed through 500Hz 23d\100Hz 27db; The air dry ratio is 1.75, which meets the requirements of professional acoustical reflection. Through the good modeling design, can form a good sound absorption structure, achieve sound insulation, sound absorption function.