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Brand building

Endless - Exploration
Grand exhibition - boldness
The art of Optima - style
The century of collection - commitment
Enterprise values
Take the right path, be responsible, can eat bitterness, will be grateful!
The new technology and new materials of building exterior wall materials are constantly promoted, the production system of energy saving and low carbon environmental protection is built, and the high quality and beautiful environment is created, and the one stop system engineering service provider for exterior wall decoration materials is made.
Business mission
Pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all staff, carry forward the spirit of reform and opening up, and solve more employment problems.
While fulfilling the social responsibility of enterprises, they should make due contributions to the society.
Enterprise spirit
Permanent quality
Carry forward the western style
Leading European customs
Set up a model of industry
Moral cornerstone: conscientious, fast, and persistent commitment
development strategy
Focus on core business, radiation related development, integration of high-end resources, expand the global market.