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  Strategic partnership is a long-term and strategic cooperative development relationship based on high trust and sharing competitive advantages and interests among the partners. It can have independent and significant influence on the outside world and brings far-reaching significance for all parties to the cooperation.

  Yonghong insists on making progress with the vision of "focusing on the whole country and looking at the world" and welcomes the development of all parties. You can call the company in detail: 028-61665728

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  At present, the orientation of the development of the construction industry is: environmental protection, resource conservation, "sustainable development" and enhancing the comprehensive benefits. The main manifestations are:

1, master the "core" and "three principles" in every link of construction life cycle (construction, use, maintenance, transformation, demolition). A "core" means protecting the earth's environment and saving all kinds of resources; the three "principles" are resource conservation, rational use and reuse, namely: (1) saving all kinds of resources, such as energy, water resources, building materials, land resources, and (2) reuse and reuse of water resources and waste materials and (3) full use of the day. But resources.

2, internal and external walls use thermal insulation wall materials to create a healthier and more comfortable living and working environment, that is, the suitable indoor temperature, harmless air environment, as well as indoor and outdoor sound, light, vibration and other environment.

3, the new building materials have gradually become the mainstream. In the past 20 years, the new building materials industry in China has developed with the deepening of reform and opening up. It has become an important product category and a new economic growth point in the building materials industry. The rapid development of economic construction and the continuous improvement of people's living standards provide good opportunities and broad market for the development of new building materials. At present, our country already has the basic environment and market conditions for the production of new wall materials, and the large-scale outbreak of the industry is coming.

  1. Technical strategic cooperation

The company adheres to the belief that technology is the new direction for the future development of the company, and has been committed to technological innovation in the company's industry. Attach importance to the development and cultivation of technical personnel in building external wall decoration industry. If you have the determination to get involved in the construction industry, our company is very well paid. You are welcome to consult at any time. If you are the top talent in the industry, our company welcomes your strategic alliance. Create a new height for each other's development.

Two. Alliance strategic cooperation

Under the strong background of China's construction industry in twenty-first Century, our company is committed to expanding its business and overseas projects. Welcome people with lofty ideals to participate in this thriving industry.

1. you want to do local product distribution, you can contact us.

2. you want to be an agent in a certain province or region, you can contact us.

3. you have a strong relationship network and customer resources, you can also contact us.

Three. Investment strategic cooperation

The company closely follows the pace of national development, and puts forward a strategy of "one small step in three years, one big step in five years".

1. you have the venue to invest in our factory, you can contact us.

2. if you want to make a stake in technology, you can contact us.

3. you want to invest in money, you can contact us.

  New building materials are the new generation of building materials based on traditional building materials. The new building materials industry is an important part of the building materials industry. It is also a new industry that represents the technological development of building materials industry and the new demand of the construction industry.

The production and use of new building materials and the development of new building materials industry are the needs of energy saving, land saving, reducing resource consumption and protecting the ecological environment by the national sustainable development strategy. It is also an inherent requirement to promote the development of the construction industry and the real estate industry and stimulate the consumption to stimulate domestic demand. The new building materials not only make all kinds of buildings more safe and comfortable, but also meet the demands of residents' life and industrial production. It also conforms to the national development strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has good prospects for development.

The scope of the new building materials is clearly defined in the industry, that is, the new type of building materials mainly include new wall materials, new waterproof seal materials, new thermal insulation materials and decorative and decoration materials in four categories.

After the rapid development of the "thin plastering system" in the field of building energy conservation and heat preservation, the transition to the "thermal insulation and decoration integrated system" has become the consensus of the industry because of its own shortcomings. The advent of the integrated system of external thermal insulation and decoration has triggered a new round of technological revolution in the national and even the world's external insulation industry. With the leading concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection", it has become an irreplaceable new generation of high-tech products in the industry, arousing the industry to rethink the energy conservation and environmental protection of the external walls of the old buildings and new buildings.

At present, in most parts of the country, the main mode of external thermal insulation system is still in the primary stage, that is, insulation materials and coatings are purchased separately and separately, because only a few manufacturers in the market can provide all kinds of exterior wall and exterior insulation materials and various functions of engineering building coatings.

More and more large customers, especially real estate developers, have begun to realize the advantages of "thermal insulation and decoration integration" in the selection of external thermal insulation system.

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