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Since its establishment in 1995,Sichuan Yong Hong European Code Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd.has been mainly engaged in the production of plaster cast Yin hornline,cultural stone and other indoor decoration materials.Through the continuous development and innovation of the company,the company has become the first batch of GRC and GRC flue when the exterior wall decoration industry is developing increasingly.GRC partition board and other outdoor decorative materials enterprises.In 2000,the overall development of the company was rapid,the cooperation of real estate business,Design Institute,municipal and other projects increased,the company complied with the needs of the development of the times,vigorously developed new industry materials,developed a new product such as Yonghong stone,new GRC,color GRC,imitating cave,GRG,PC component and so on.Compared with the usual GRC before,the appearance,quality and other aspects have been greatly improved.
Now Sichuan Yong Hong European Code Building Decoration Engineering Co., not limited to the development of a regional market,and is inspiring to be a well-known research and development enterprise for the production and design of exterior wall building materials.Based in Chengdu,the company has established Chengdu General Company,Chongqing Branch,Guizhou Branch.At present,it is the most advanced production equipment,the most perfect production facilities,the largest production scale,strong technical entity enterprise in Southwest China.
In recent years,because of the large influx of exterior wall construction enterprises,the competition of the building market is fierce.In order to ensure the leading position of the company,the company puts forward three steps strategy.First,the company's management mechanism is reformed and the target management is implemented.In engineering construction,the decomposition index of construction cost is determined according to the construction project.In the construction of the leading group and the grass-roots leadership group,the principle of"three points,three and one strengthening"is adhered to.2.Actively open up the construction market and increase the export of products and services to the outside world.At present,in Sichuan,Shaanxi,Guizhou,Tibet,Hebei,Chongqing and other places to build projects,completely free from the difficult position of business,greatly meet the business needs of the company,workers'income is also increasing year by year.Three:the product technology adhere to the innovation,do not I have,people have my virtuous circle,the development of the"Yonghong stone"series products,and to get the national green environmental certificate,innovative products and other certificates.
Pay attention to quality:the image of a good enterprise
The company actively implements the policy of"one hundred year plan,quality first,user first"and pays close attention to project quality management.Yonghong's motto is:"do a project,leave a brand","build a building,tree a monument".Due to the quality of the project,Sichuan Yong Hong European Code Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd.has been recognized in all aspects of the society,and has set up a good corporate image in the society.The company has successively built nearly dozens of various municipal and civil construction projects,among which a number of projects have been rated as excellent projects,and the Sichuan universal center project has been rated one of the top ten creative projects in the world.It has been rated as an excellent supplier and co-operator by the famous domestic real estate companies such as Hengda,green space and Sino German.The qualified rate of the company's products reaches 100%.The yield of good products is over 80%.AAA credit rating enterprise,China GRC Association governing unit and so on.

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