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Green building

Green building
Green building refers to the maximum saving of resources in the whole life cycle of the building,including energy saving,land saving,water saving,wood saving and so on,protecting the environment and reducing pollution,providing people with healthy,comfortable and efficient use of space and harmonious symbiosis with nature.Green building technology pays attention to low consumption,high efficiency,economy,environmental protection,integration and optimization.It is the benefit sharing between man and nature,now and the future,and is the construction means of sustainable development.
The indoor layout of the green building is very reasonable,minimizing the use of synthetic materials,making full use of the sun,saving energy,creating a sense of approaching nature for the residents.Aiming at the coordinated development of human,building and natural environment,while creating a good and healthy living environment by using natural conditions and artificial means,the use and destruction of natural environment are controlled and reduced as much as possible,and the balance between the claim and return of nature is fully reflected.
Indoor environment
The reason why the green building emphasizes the indoor environment is that the main idea of the air conditioning industry is to strive for a balanced relationship between the internal and external environment,and to show different needs for the internal environment,that is,for health,comfort and the production efficiency of the building users.
1.1 temperature problem(Thermal Problem)
First,the thermal comfort obviously affects the efficiency of the work.The traditional air conditioning system can maintain the indoor temperature,but in recent years,the research shows that the indoor air conditioning is absolutely comfortable,which can easily lead to the problem of"air conditioning"and consumes a large amount of energy and increases the destruction of the ozone layer.In addition to ensuring the overall heat balance of the body,the green building should pay attention to the special requirements of the body parts such as the head and foot to the temperature,and be good at applying natural energy.In addition,the greenhouse effect can occur in summer and the low temperature radiation effect from the cold glass surface in winter.Therefore,in addition to the design conditions of air conditioning in winter and summer,it is necessary to analyze the impact of local climate and internal load changes on indoor environment comfort.It is better to change the air conditioning load and comfort with the change of hourly every month.
1.2 Daylighting,Voice Problem
Similarly,the indoor light environment directly affects work efficiency and indoor atmosphere.The introduction of pollution-free and light colored sunlight in green buildings as a light source is part of the green light environment.But the comfortable and healthy light environment should include easy viewing,bright and beautiful brightness distribution,glare control and illuminance uniform control.Therefore,the light should be adjusted according to different time and place,so that the high quality of the sun is not affected.In addition,healthy and comfortable sound environment is conducive to the physical and mental health of the human body.Green sound environment requires no damage to hearing and minimise noise sources.In this way,the noise producing equipment is usually arranged separately from the room and the outdoor noise level.
1.3 air quality(Air Quality)
The quality of air reflects the degree of environmental requirements.The factors that usually affect the air quality include AIR MOVEMENT and the cleanliness of the air.If the air flow is not enough,people will feel uncomfortable.Too fast flow will affect the temperature and cleanliness.Therefore,we should adjust the appropriate fresh air volume according to different environments,control the cleanliness and speed of the air,and make the air quality reach a better state.At the same time,effective control of indoor air pollutants is also one of the main ways to improve indoor environment.There are thousands of pollutants that affect indoor air quality.The green building considers not only the concentration of pollutants in the air is below the recognized harmful concentration index,but also the majority of people in the room are satisfied with the indoor air quality indicators.
Outdoor environment
The living environment created by green building includes both the artificial environment and the natural environment.In carrying out the green environment planning,we should not only attach importance to creating landscapes,but also attach importance to environmental integration and ecology so as to achieve overall greening.That is to say,we should consider continuity and Naturalization in a holistic view.In addition to the building itself,sustainable applications include the surrounding natural environment required,the effective(ecological)utilization of water,the treatment and reduction of waste water,and the climatic conditions of the site.
2.1 the regionalism of the green environment(Bio-Rigionalizm)
Green buildings should consider how to match the climate,economic conditions and cultural traditions of the site,and thus become an integral part of the surrounding community.As a secondary system,green building is dependent on the natural environment in a certain region,and the green real estate can not exist independently from the regional nature of the biological environment.The realization of green building is related to the unique climatic conditions,natural resources,existing human buildings,social level and cultural environment of each region.
2.2 natural ventilation
Natural ventilation is the way to maintain a suitable indoor environment by using natural energy or relying on traditional air-conditioning systems.
Natural ventilation is the most easy to meet the requirements of the building greening,it generally does not use non renewable resources,and can often save considerable amount of air conditioning load in the year to achieve energy saving and greening purposes.But in order to make full use of natural ventilation,the orientation,spacing and layout of buildings must be considered.For example,the south is the direction of the most solar radiation in winter and the decrease in summer sunshine,and in most parts of China,the leading wind direction is south-east,so it is in terms of improving the thermal environment of the natural ventilation room in summer and reducing the heating and air conditioning load in the winter room.

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