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2017 Hengda Tourism Group Co., Ltd successfully concluded its visit.
Hengda Group is based on the livelihood of the people's real estate, financial, health as the two wings, cultural tourism as the leading group of the world's top 500 enterprises, has formed "housing".
Israeli foreign guests visit the project
When the wax is exhausted again, the east wind should smell. The night is still a few, two years old to divide.A single blossoming Dou, the spring blooms in the Finn.Wine in the Ming Dynasty, first
2017-06-30 warmly celebrate the perfect completion of our Huaxi Wan Park project.
Huhuaxi park is the core area of the historical and cultural scenic area of the huhuaxi. It is located between the first ring road and the two ring road in the south of Chengdu, the Du Fu Thatched Cot
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