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Sichuan Yong grand European Code Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., as a professional exterior wall decoration material and external wall construction enterprise, has been adhering to strict scientific management, from project establishment to production organization, from supplier management to fine production, from process monitoring to final inspection, from product delivery to construction organization plan. From site installation to completion acceptance, it is emphasized that accurate planning and strict implementation, exquisite workmanship and rigorous attitude throughout the whole process of production and construction.
On the basis of ordinary GRC, the company has developed a new GRC, the appearance is more harmonious and beautiful, and the quality of products has also been improved. The company has also developed new formula building materials and has been certified by the state.
The company actively adopts the new technology and materials in the construction industry, and carries on the deepening design in the architectural design, uses the three-dimensional solid drawing. To solve the technical problems such as the manufacture of the hyperboloid of the building curtain wall and the positioning of the three-dimensional space. We should deepen the R & D design on the products, improve the efficiency while improving the quality of products, and stick to the new thinking of green environmental protection products.

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