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PC components

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PC PC componentsPC is precast concrete, which is called PC component in the field of housing industrialization. Such as precast reinforced concrete column foundation, precast steel structure steel column foundation, street lamp billboard column reinforced concrete foundation, precast floor. Correspondingly, the traditional cast-in-place concrete needs on-site mold making, on-site pouring and on-site maintenance. Precast concrete is widely used in construction, transportation, water conservancy and other fields, and plays an important role in the national economy.

Clean water board

Fair faced concrete is a kind of concrete which directly uses the natural texture of concrete as the finishing effect. It can be divided into ordinary fair faced concrete, facing fair faced concrete and decorative fair faced concrete.

Standard fair faced concrete is a kind of fair faced concrete with no obvious color difference on the surface and no special requirements on the finishing effect.

Decorative fair faced concrete refers to the fair faced concrete whose surface color is basically the same, which is composed of regularly arranged split bolt holes, exposed joints, cicada joints, false eyes, etc., and whose natural texture is the finishing effect.

Decorative patterns, inlaid decorative pieces or colored fair faced concrete are formed on the surface of decorative fair faced concrete.

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