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Application case

Guiyang flower orchard

Case description
The flower orchard, the estate name, is the largest urban village reconstruction project in Guiyang at present. After the reconstruction, it will become a rare plate of 6000 mu and 5 million 600 thousand square of the total area of the main city of Guiyang. Three minutes straight to the fountain, the Grand Cross, 2 minutes straight to Jiaxiu Road; 160,000 Hibiscus orchard wetland park, 4,560 Mu ecological mountain park, 270,000 Hibiscus city center square.
The flower orchard project invites international first-class companies to cooperate in many aspects, including planning and design, transportation system, landscape and so on. So there are several Guizhou pioneered: three layers of three-dimensional traffic and streetcar surround, 160 thousand wetland ecological park, 260 meters 60 storey Twin Towers international office building, 250 thousand large scale Shopping mall, 220,000 sq m fashionable commercial water street, 600,000 sq m office, 600,000 sq m business, the first five-star sanatorium, 308 m IMAX 3D giant screen cinema, etc.
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