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China Yu Tung County is another quality community of Chongqing Zhong Yu Property Development Co., Ltd. after the successful development of California garden, California city garden, mountain peak one, the first station and 8 peak road. The project is made up of foreign house, high level, apartment and special commercial street, and the elegant and fast and steady attitude is made to outline the city class quality community with rich personality.
Located at the intersection of the red Tang Road and the new irrigation road in Yubei District, it is close to the Guanyin Bridge business circle and is located in the center of the three mature residential areas of the five Huanglu Road, the new Pai Fang and the faucet temple. It connects the Guanyin Bridge, the new center of the California, and the three major commercial centers of the faucet temple. It is 1.8 kilometers away from the Guanyin Bridge commercial circle and 1.3 kilometers away from the leading station of the railway station.
At present, there are 9 buses passing through this project, stopping at the faucet temple site, arriving in Shapingba, Monument for Liberation, Guanyin Bridge, Jiulongpo, Nanping and Banan respectively. The planned light rail line 3 and line 4 pass through this project, and the Tang Jia yard station and the faucet temple station are set up. The project has convenient transportation and convenient life in the future. The eastern part of the project is planned for 650 acres of Forest Park, and is adjacent to Flower Avenue.
There are more interesting features in the project, such as the French Indus Road, the central Repulse Bay, the geometric garden and the central axis waterscape. The unique green landscape and fresh air quality create a better livable life, so that owners can enjoy diversified ecological beauty. At the beginning of the product research and development, Zhong Yu and Wu Tung County, which is the focus of the planning, is based on the people-oriented design principle, rationally uses the slope form and natural texture, fully uses the new ideas, new design techniques and new technical means in the field of residential design, giving each building a distinctive color style and striving to create a garden ocean. Housing, high-rise, business and other multi-element as one of the high-end compound community.
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