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Zhong Gang City is the first large comprehensive complex community developed by Chongqing group in Chongqing. The project is located in the core area of Cai Jia group in Liangjiang New Area. The total area is expected to be about 1000 mu, with a building area of about 1300000 square meters. Land has been obtained 415 mu, and the planning area is 800 thousand. It covers the construction formats of SHOPPINGMALL, LOFT business buildings, SOHO apartment space, high-grade couplet villas, high board style house and so on. It is expected to develop a period of four years. With its unique ArtDeco modernism architecture, the city is fully constructed as an irreplaceable landmark building. In the architectural style, the Geng city adopts the modern popular ARTDECO style, which is dominated by lines and geometric shapes. Landscape style community landscape uses simple, natural modern style, rich plant species, waterscape and plant natural collocation, fresh and natural.
"Liangjiang New Area, Cai Jia's family is bright and dazzling", Chua Jia, the location of Chongqing Zhong G City, is in the strategic junction between the Chongqing main city and Liangjiang New Area. It is the strategic pivot core of the two big high-end expansion areas of the high and new industrial area and the international exhibition area, and has a large complex function of urban residence, commerce and commerce. "The future high-end international metropolis center, thousand mu park life big city" project is in the core area of Chua family group, living in the center commercial belt, the commercial atmosphere is strong, the international new capital city lives as much as possible; next to the government planned thousand mu city Central Park, the Green Park ecological life is as close as "the rail traffic, the smooth course" Light rail line 6 runs through the project and connects the four districts of the main city. The fast and convenient traffic environment has laid a solid foundation for improving the quality of life of the project.
"Zhong Geng group 14 years old work" brand real estate developers of the first strength of the region, the core of the regional plate of the original stock, new high-end international life is worth looking forward to the "rich, complete and complete, from Cheng a city" project not only has 40 thousand parties in the city business, full of its own and peripheral consumption demand, also rules There are regional centres for educational land and community kindergartens to meet the overall needs of the owners. "The gold nuggets value depression, the appreciation potential is unlimited" the first phase of the Residence Du Commerce in Chongqing in Chongqing, LOFT can fully meet all the imagination of the freelancer for life and office, the rapid development of regional value and the numerous developers are coming, the gold treasure area of the region is beyond doubt. "The work of the Seiko, the emphasis on the details" in the E block of the Chongqing boxer City, the building space of the super building, ensures the privacy of life and the free flow of fresh air, and provides the luxurious visual landscape for the people to the maximum. The super large water body with the plants in the landscape design brings not only the poetic life of the landscape pastoral. Live, it is to cover buildings in nature, life and beauty, natural heaven.
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