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It is built by Chengdu Wuhou District Guxi real estate development company. The project is located in Chengdu hi-tech West District, with a total area of about 500 mu, with a total building area of about 1 million square meters.
The project has complete supporting facilities. It is a landmark complex integrating residential, commercial, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and so on. The company has invested 700 million huge sums of money to build the South House Branch of West China Hospital and the old apartment of Yue Ling age of Jinnan mansion; 60 thousand square meters of centralized commercial center; perfect sports and leisure facilities; set up kindergartens in the community to form a complete good education system from kindergarten to University together with many famous schools around it; and the three phase of Shang Jin palace will be built. Centralized large commercial, intelligent office buildings, star Traders Hotel and boutique small apartments to further enhance the investment and living value of the project and the whole region.
The project introduced a variety of valuable plants, the overall green rate of 30%, is a real high green, low density, low volume rate of the international garden style residential area.
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