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Chengdu Zhonghai international community is located on the West extension line of Yang City Street, main road west of Chengdu city. It is about 1.5 kilometers from the three ring road. It is on the east of Tu Long Road, the north side is close to the West Core avenue of the sheep west line, the west is the Chengdu University of Chengdu Electronic Science and Technology University, the South China Shipping Park and the 5040 Mu Pauli River Forest Park. China Shipping international community covers an area of 1986 mu, consisting of 4 District groups, respectively, 3 high-rise residential areas: Orange County one period, orange county two period, Orange County three period; 2 multi-storey District: blue forest, blue bank; 2 small high-rise residential areas: Lin Ting stack courtyard, Xi Ashan area: Lin Xi Mei villa, Lin Ting villa, peak villa, central villa. Each district is self-contained and is jointly built into a large mature community with a total number of 9 million households and tens of thousands of people.
As the west of the city in 2004, the Zhonghai international community is quite conspicuous. The project covers an area of 1986 mu, and the construction area is about 1 million 200 thousand square meters, of which the public supporting facilities are about 160 thousand square meters, and the residential area is about 1 million 40 thousand square meters. The project for China Overseas Group and Hongkong letter and group in April 15, 2004 joint competition, the land price of 1 billion 8 million, the Chengdu real estate company is responsible for the development and management of the project.
The project will make full use of the natural advantage of upper wind and upper water in the western part of Chengdu, create a new residential area with rich urban functions, and create a noble community with beautiful environment, perfect supporting facilities, pleasant space and rich international customs. It will reflect the characteristics of international community, create a mixed space for business and live, and lead the consumption. Life, fashion and trend.
After the completion of the project, the project will form a large and high quality foreign community with a large number of public buildings, including international schools, high star hotels, foreign hospitals, international brand business, about 200 mu of Riverside Park and Sports Park, which can accommodate 9000 people. The international community will have an impact on the West and even the whole country. High standard international community.
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