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Application case

Greenery Kam Tianfu

Case description
Greenland Jintianfu is a real estate project developed by Shanghai Greenland Group Chengdu Jinjiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The project is located in the area of the international financial city of Western Jinjiang District, Chengdu, east of the two ring road, north of the cattle sand road, close to the subway line two in the construction, about 2 kilometers from the Chunxi Road business circle, and the surrounding life is complete.
In the case, the French overlapping villa and ART DECO style high-rise apartments, with a lush green garden. Unique wide space planning outlines the rare elegant atmosphere of Chengdu luxury house scene. French palace style gardens and 3000 square meters of the whole landscape water system clever combination, mellow European style everywhere color. Green space, Jintianfu, Chengdu inheritance of the rich humanities, know the essence of Chengdu life, to create a unique and prosperous Chengdu. Green space seven load, deep planting Chengdu. With the temperament of the new Tianfu, I continue to tell the infinite grace of the city.
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